A Little Bundle Review March 2014

   I always look forward to getting our bundle from A Little Bundle, so I was excited to get home from work today where I knew it was waiting.  I was pretty curious since the shipping notice said the box only weighed one pound, I think that is the lightest box we have gotten from them.  A Little Bundle sends a thoughtfully curated box of 4+ items for baby and mom.  I like their modern style and the new brands they are always introducing me to!
I had already peaked at their spoiler so I knew about the Little Hip Squeaks headband but the rest was a complete surprise!  As you can see though the box may not have been heavy it still contained some cute goodies :)

The top is the information card they send.  It has descriptions of the items on one side and a thank you on the other side.  
Alee Press card ($5.00) - A Little Bundle has a tradition of sending a card each month with the goal of you writing your little love a letter.  Once again I think it is a very nice idea and you can save them for when they are older, very thoughtful!

Wee Gallery Seahorse ($18.95) - I was so happy to see this in our bundle!  I actually had one in my online cart a couple weeks ago but I talked myself down (trying to spend less;)).  Clearly we were meant to have this little guy and Amelia will love him!  Also on the other side is a cute black and white polka dot print - adorable! 

Tunes for Two Heart Headphone Splitter ($9.88) - This little heart plugs into your device (phone, tablet, iPod, etc) and let's two sets of headphones listen.  I have never seen one of these but I can see where it will come in handy!  Amelia doesn't quite have the concept of using headphones down but in the future (especially if we have another kid) I can see us using these a lot.

Eco Kids Eco-Dough ($4.00) -  This will be a fun little project for Amelia.  She might be a little young yet but at least if she just tries to eat it it is completely safe!  They use only natural ingredients and dyes so this is truly kid friendly.  I have heard of this but never tried it before so I am happy we got a little tub to test it out :-)

 Primitive by Kathy Love You Babe ($9.20) - This little box saying is the momma gift this month.  I like this gift (though last months tote was my favorite momma gift) and I can definitely find a place for it in my living room.

Little Hip Squeaks Headband ($11.00) - I knew this was coming and I was excited since it is so stinkin cute!  I have never heard of Little Hip Squeaks before but they have some cute stuff so we may have to get some more.  This is actually a A Little Bundle exclusive pattern but if you missed out I believe you can still get one in their online store.

   All totaled up this month's bundle has a retail value $58.03!  A Little Bundle recently raised their subscription prices to $49 a month (less with longer subscriptions) although current subscribers kept their old rate locked in.  Once again the value was over the price and I loved the collection of products sent!  I really enjoy the modern style of most of the products A Little Bundle sends, it really sets them apart from other baby boxes.   Did you get a bundle this month?  What did you think?

Disclosure - This box was paid for by myself and I was not compensated in any way for my reveiw.  All opinions are 100% my own.


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