Thursday Thoughts

Time to link up with  Ramblings again for Thursday Thoughts!

~ I can't believe another week has gone by again.  Time just goes so fast, but then it seems like it has been cold for so long.  How does that work?

~ I have a bunch of new boxes coming this month and I am super excited!  I have it in my head they will all be extra amazing since Valentines is this month :). I did get shipping notice from Homegrown Collective (they are sending me their January box!) so I should be getting that one soon!

~ Well I know now I can not just quickly look on etsy for a pair of shoes (or anything else).  I am sitting there a couple hours later and I have it "narrowed down" to 12 pairs, and now I can't decide.  Amelia will never get new shoes at this rate.  Such hard decisions, I tell ya!

~ I found part time daycare for Amelia starting in April!  Daddy needs a break sometimes but I thought it would be more difficult to find someone who would watch her once a week.  I know infant spots can be hard to come by but I actually found someone I know and trust which is even better!  I think she will really enjoy playing with the other kids, and it will probably be good for her to spend some time with other little ones.

~ I got another Moxie Jean order and again it looks great!  In case you have not heard of them, Moxie Jean is an upscale consignment store for children's clothes.  I had some referral credit so I only paid $10 for all of these clothes!  If you use one of my referral links in this post you will receive $10 off your first order of $20.  Their selection has really grown and everything I have received has been in great condition, I will order from them again.

~ So I have been having the worst luck with my wedding ring lately.  I finally have had it back for a while (it has been sent off for repairs three times in the last six months) and I noticed I am missing a small diamond.  At least this time it is just a small diamond and not the big center one like last time but it still requires a 1 1/2 hour drive to bring it in so they can send it off to be fixed.  Then I have to drive back to pick it up :(

~ I am really loving Barefoot Books!  They have some great illustrators, we just got Octopus Opposites and it is so pretty.  We also have two of the Cleo books which Amelia also loves.  She is such a big fan of her books, it is fun!

Well that is it for this week, what are you up to this Thursday?

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