Week 12 - Making Faces

     This week was tough to get pictures.  Miss Amelia was stuck to me like glue and wasn't havin it.  Yesterday she she was in such a good mood though and I was able to get some nice ones.  She is just such a cutie pie sometimes I can hardly stand it!  I am hoping this week to set up some kind of Valentines shoot since she will be 9 months tomorrow!! Where has the time gone?!  Seriously it feels like I just brought her home and now she is standing and crawling all over.  It is exciting to see her hit new milestones but it makes me a little sad too, can't she slow down just a little?  I will have to do something special for her tomorrow for her 9 month "birthday".

     On a photography note, I have basically had my little tamron zoom glued to my camera after getting it for Christmas.  It is a really great lens and I love being able to zoom in and out a little when we are indoors.  However I have not used my 50mm much since I got that one so I broke it out this week!  I had forgotten how nice of a lens it really is.  I just have the canon 50 mm f/1.8 but it takes really sharp pictures and I love using the wider open apertures.   Anyways here are some pictures from this week using my 50mm.

Classic Amelia face, she is so silly :)

So hard to catch her laughing for pictures but it was worth the effort!

Love those long baby lashes, they just melt my heart!

Here is my little model with her look of "surprise".

Bahaha so cute and funny!

Here is her angelic look.  She has this perfected!

"Please momma?"
"Of course sweetie whatever you want"
How am I ever going to say no to that little face?  I might be in trouble :)

    I am so happy to be doing this project or there are so many times i might not have taken my camera out.  I am loving all the pictures I have gotten and I feel like I am learning quite a lot!  Thanks for following along and I will be back with more pictures next week!

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