Homegrown Collective Detox Greeenbox (Jan 2014)

   I was super excited to try Homegrown Collective Greenbox!  I have been eyeing this box for awhile  since I am always looking for ways to be a little greener.  The Homegrown Collective Greenbox brings you "seasonally appropriate and professionally curated products deliver the satisfaction of living a more self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle to your doorstep each month."  They have had some really neat past boxes and I love that they include everything you will need for the projects.  I knew the theme of January was detox before I received my box but I was interested to know what kind of detoxing we would be doing!

   I thought a detox Greenbox was perfect for January!  I was super excited to see bentonite clay and Dead Sea salts in the box, as these were things I had looked at getting for myself before.  I appreciated that all the instructions also included the benefits of the ingredients.  I will also point out that everything was packaged very nicely and it all arrived intact.

Project 1 - Bentonite Clay and Rosewater Mask
This was probably my favorite part of the detox box!  They sent 8 oz of clay and 1 oz of Rosewater.  This is going to last quite a while since it doesn't take much of either for a face mask.  Bentonite clay is a powerful healing clay that has the ability to draw out toxins.  I would recommend using the face mask in the evening before bed.  It was easy to mix up and apply and the Rosewater spritz was very pleasant.  Since the mask increases circulation to your face it can make it quite red (thus doing to it before bed is probably best).   Immediately afterwards I made sure it put on an intensive moisturizer since my skin was pretty dry.  The next morning my skin felt great!  I also used this as a poultice on my legs since I have a couple patches of really dry itchy skin.  Bentonite clay has so many great uses, very happy this was in the box.
* you want to make sure you are not using metal bowls or utensils with the clay as this will interfere with the electrical charge

Project 2 - Dead Sea Salts and Lavender Fizzing Bath Soaks
I also received all the materials to make a fizzing bath soak.  This soak will detox and soften your skin.  Dead Sea salts contain 21 minerals that our body needs replenished.  They help detoxify and cleanse our bodies.  Baking soda is also a detoxing ingredient and it helps soften your skin and the citric acid mixed with it will create the fizzing effect of the soak.  I LOVE lavender, it smells great and is relaxing.  I do not normally take the time to relax in the bath, however this soak is amazing!  I will definitely be taking time to unwind with this.  Again they sent enough of the ingredients for several uses as well as a glass storage jar for the extra lavender!

Project 3 - Dandelion Organic Herbal Leaf Tea
I had no idea there were so many benefits to dandelions!  It is amazing that something seen as a weed is actually one of the top 6 herbs in the Chinese herbal medicine chest.  Since this is a detox tea I looked into it before trying and it turns out that not only is dandelion tea safe for nursing moms it is actually recommended!  I left my tea to steep for quite a while and it got really dark but still had a light flavor.  It wasn't bitter like I thought it might be, probably not a taste you will crave but it isn't bad at all.  I will definitely make a point to keep drinking this tea with all of the amazing benefits.  It was super nice of them to include cute little storage jars for the extra!

   I think it is safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this box!  I liked that all the projects were super simple and didn't take a lot of extra time (so even if you are busy you have time for these!).  Being a mom sometimes I don't take as much time for myself so this was a nice treat for me.  I am really excited to see what the next Homegrown Collective Greenbox will bring!  This is a great box for someone looking into a greener lifestyle.  I have been working on being more eco friendly and I love having projects delivered to my door.  If you would like to subscribe to Homegrown Collective Greenbox their greenboxes start at $39 a month + $9 shipping and go down with longer subscriptions.

Disclosure:  I received this box at a discounted rate for my honest review.  All opinions are 100% my own and I did not recieve any compensation for my review.

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