Googaro Feb 2014

  Today I received my first Googaro box in the mail!  Googaro is a monthly subscription box which brings you 4-5 "best of" baby products.  They tailor the box to your child's age and gender and sometimes throw in a gift for mom.  This is the 0-1 year old box for a girl.

When I opened the box everything was nicely wrapped in tissue and Miss Amelia had fun helping unpack her box of surprises!

Episcential Snuggly Lotion ($15.00) - We just received this lotion in Citrus Lane last month I think.  It is a a nice lotion and we will eventually use it (we probably have enough lotion and body wash for a year).  

Blue Box Puppet Pal Washer ($10.00) -  This bath glove is supposed to help infants develop tactile sense with the different textures.  When I first opened the box I wasn't super excited about this, although we do not have one.  Amelia does love bath toys though so this could be a hit. 

Wee Gallery Black and White Art Cards ($12.95) -   I have heard of these cards before but we didn't have a set.  I had wanted a set when she was younger but never actually got one.  They are cute black and white pictures for your baby.  They are about the same material as a board book so baby can play with them.  I am happy to report that Amelia has been enjoying these so far :)

Boon Silicone Feeder($7.49) - When I first pulled this out of the box I thought it was a teether.  It is actually a feeder.  I have never seen these before, so we broke it out this afternoon.  The silicone feeder itself is easy to clean, but it was quite messy giving this to Miss Amelia to wield.  This was only her first try so maybe it will get less messy as she gets a better hold on it?  I think it is going to be messy no matter what you use to teach babies to feed themselves.  It is always nice to get products like this that I wouldn't know about without sub boxes!

Big Dipper Aromatherapy Tin ($3.00) - Pulling this out I thought I was getting a new Chapstick since the tin was so small.  It is in fact a candle, though it is small it claims to burn for five hours.  It smells like cinnamon and is a little gift for the moms.

All totaled up the box has a retail value of $48.44.  Boxes start at $35 and go down in price with a longer subscription so you are getting a good value for your money.  I bought a voucher on Plum District when they had a sale and ended up with a free box with referrals!  While none of the kid stuff really had a Valentine theme I thought it was nice that they included a little gift for mom.  

Disclosure - I did not receive any compensation for this review and all opinions are 100% my own.  I received this box free using the refer three on Plum District.

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