Thursday Thoughts

It is Thursday, which means it is time to link up with Jennifer from Ramblings for Thursday Thoughts again!

~ Matt and I are going to go out to eat tomorrow for Valentines day!  I am excited and we already know what we are ordering and lucky for us Amelia likes to go out!  Plus this last week we actually got a babysitter and went to the movies all by ourselves.  That is the first time since she has been born we went out without her (she is 9 months old so I suppose it was time).

~ Alright I saw everyone talking about the new Oreos so I caved and bought some cookie dough ones.  I am happy to report they are quite tasty!

~ I spent an hour and a half last night getting my "studio" space set up for Valentines pictures for Amelia.  It is really just the guest bed but I am hoping they will turn out cute.  I just need to get one more thing for them, but I don't know what yet.  If I don't give her something to hold and play with they will not go well ;). I was thinking maybe an empty chocolate hearts box or a flower or maybe a stuffed animal?  Hmm I will have to go find something...

~ I know it is crazy because it is like 3 months away (still can't believe its so close) but I think I found Amelia's birthday dress!  It is so so cute I think she must have it.  I want to order now so it doesn't sell out but I can't decide which size... She hasn't grown too much in the last three months but with my luck she will have a growth spurt if I buy it now.

~ I should hopefully get a couple boxes yet this week.  It seems like most of my boxes come towards the middle and end of the month, maybe is should find one for the beginning ;). It actually looks like googaro will be here today and Orange Glad will be here on Valentine's day!  That will work out perfectly to get my box of goodies on Friday.

~ We have been working on the new men's store and it is really coming along!  The floors, dressing rooms, lights, and checkout are done and looking really nice!  I am excited for March, it will be fun to have it all ready to go :).

Well Miss Amelia says it is time to play so that is it for this Thursday.  What are you up to today?

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