Orange Glad Review Feb 2014

   It is no secret that I have a sweet tooth so when I heard about Orange Glad I decided to get myself a Valentine's gift!  It arrived the day before Valentine's, which was perfect.  Orange Glad sends a box of gourmet desserts each month that are guareenteed fresh.  Their shipping was USPS priority three day shipping to get it to you fast!  

When I ordered a February box I was hoping it would have some chocolatey goodness inside because really can you have a Valentines box without chocolate?  The answer is no. No you cannot.  I am happy to report I was delivered some goodies to satisfy my chocolate fix!

They sent this nice information card that tells you a little about the treats and who makes them.  It didn't have prices so I did my best to find them.   They also include how long the desserts will be good for (though most of mine were gone right away).

Desserts on Us Lacey's Almond and Dark Chocolate ($2.19) - Looking at these in the box I was like meh, they didn't look like something I would buy.  However once I tried one I must have more!  Seriously these are AH-MA-ZING!  If you have a chance you must try them, and I am not even a fan of dark chocolate.

Chocomize Belgian Milk Chocolate on a Spoon ($3.50) - This sounds really yummy, but I am saving it for my hubby for Valentines!  I think it is a really cute idea and the presentation is great for gift giving.  Plus who doesn't love Belgian chocolate?
Bissinger's Handcrafted Chocolatier Chocolate Heart Lollipop ($3.00) - This would also make a great gift, however I have already eaten it ;). It is a nice smooth chocolate and I would buy it in bar form.  The heart gets pretty thick in the middle which makes it a little harder to bite.

A Couple of Squares Valentine Sugar Cookie ($3.25) - This is actually the first treat I opened!  I was excited to see it in the box, but when I tried it I was not overwhelmed.  The frosting was hard.  Like really hard.  I am actually wondering if maybe I got a bad one?  Hmmm I really wanted to like this cookie but it was not great.

Renaissance Kosher Foods Coconut Macaroon ($?) - I couldn't find a price for these.  I haven't tried these yet, but they look pretty good.  I am not a huge fan of coconut and I have never had a macaroon but I am game to give them a try :)

This box was harder to come up with a retail value since most of these are not sold individually but I tried my best.  I have a retail value of $11.94 without the coconut macaroons (couldn't find their price).  The box itself costs $15 + shipping so that would give the macaroons a value of around $3.06.  The value in this box is definitely in the variety of treats they send you to try.  Almost all of the goodies in this box couldn't be ordered in a smaller sampling portions and would also have shipping.  I really enjoyed my box of treats from Orange Glad and can't wait to try more!

Disclosure: I paid for this box my own and was not compensated for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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