Fabletics Review February 2014

    My hubby and I were talking about yoga wear one night and he told me to look up Fabletics, which is so funny because of course I knew what it was already but he didn't even know it was a subscription.  Well, needless to say you don't have to twist my arm to try it out ;). I can always use more "workout" clothes.  I use them mostly for around the house, my mom uniform if you will, however if I should get the urge to workout at least I have the clothes!  In the summer I love to go on walks but in the winter I am mostly trying to stay warm.  Fabletics gives you 50% off your first outfit with them when you sign up to be a VIP.  As a VIP you have the option of choosing an outfit each month.  If you don't care for any of the choices or you are all stocked up you have the option to skip as well.  
Photo credit Fabletics website

This is the oufit I chose.  I wasn't sold on the pants but I loved the sweatshirt and it also came with a tshirt.   Here is a photo of all three items:

 You will have to excuse the little hands peeking in, I had a lot of help opening my mail today ;)

This top is the whole reason I picked this outfit!  It is so comfy and cute, I love it!  I ordered a medium but I may exchange for a small since it seems a little wide on me.  This top alone is worth the entire cost of the outfit so the rest is like a bonus!

 This tshirt is made of a nice light material.  It came in this color an white, however the reviews of the white said it was too see through so I ordered the purple.  I am glad I ordered this color because it is a nice shade and also I am sure with this light material the white would have been too thin.  Again I ordered a medium but I would probably be better in the small.

Alright I am not sure about these pants.  Normally I would prefer a legging or a bootcut pant, but I definitely do not own anything like these.  I was surprised to see they have a button and zipper on the front and were a different material than I thought.  I will have to see if I end up using these much or not, the jury i still out...

All totaled up this outfit would normally cost $109.85 but VIPs can get it for $79.95 and since this was my first outfit I only paid $40!  This was a great value and I think next month I will make sure to get either a legging or bootcut pant because I would love to try those.  Fabletics debuts their new outfit choices on the first of the month and gives you to the 12th to choose or pass.  Remember you can get your first Fabletics outfit for half off!  

Disclosure - I paid for my own outfit and received no compensation for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This post does contain referral links (thanks if you use them).

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