Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts again this week!

~ Breaking news!  We had two days in a row this week that were above 40 degrees!  It was so nice and now we are back to snow already :(  This winter has been far too cold and now I am so ready for some warmer weather (yep I am considering anything above 30 warm weather now).  

~ Here is my happy helper!  She was so excited to sit in the cart and not her car seat (when it is so cold I just carry the whole seat in).  All smiles through the whole store, such a cutie!

~ Miss Amelia is really getting into everything now!  She is much too smart and tall for her own good and must be closely watched at all times now.  

~ I was pretty disappointed to learn that someone had copied one of my reviews and published it as their own.  They used my photos and copied mine word for word as you can see here.  I think I got it taken care of now but I was just sad to see that they would do this (and then try to deny it).  A big thank you to the reader who told me about this!

~ After seeing how easily someone copied my pictures and review I decided I better start putting a watermark on my pictures.  As you can see above it is nothing fancy but hopefully it will help deter that kind of behavior.

~ Yesterday was a big mail day for me here!  I received Fabletics, Citrus Lane and Vegan Cuts!  I am thinking I should also receive A Little Bundle today so watch out for those reviews!

Thats it for this Thursday, what are you up to?  Thank you for following along and if you enjoy my blog please like me on Facebook!

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