Citrus Lane Review February 2014

   Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids from birth to five years old.  They send 4-5 "best of" products every month.  When you sign up they ask for age and gender to bring you age appropriate products.  I aged her up one month when I signed up so I received the 10 month girl box this month.  I was really happy to see her  Citrus Lane box today since I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow. Now onto the box...

 Here is a what was in our February box.  It seems like a nice mix of items with a book, a toy, a feeding item, and a treat for mom.  

This is the information card they send with the box.  It shows what items you were sent with a little information on them.  I like the cards but it would be nice if they included prices too.

Bedtime Rhymes from Barefoot Books ($6.29) - I love that  Citrus Lane always seems to include a book.  I believe all the books we have gotten have been Barefoot books even.  Anyways we LOVE them!  Amelia cant get enough of her books, which I think is so sweet :)  

Shape Sorter from Plan Toys ($10.88) - Amelia loves the toys we already have from plan toys so hopefully she will love this too.  I saw that this was sent to the toddlers last month and it might be a little above her level right now but I would rather have things to grow into.  She will probably enjoy chewing on it for now ;)

Pulp Feeder from Boon ($7.49) - It must be the month for these feeders because I just got one in our Googaro box as well.  Amelia got a kick out of this feeder but it was very messy, so maybe a good thing to use on bath day!

Green Apple Age Defying Hand Cream from Juice Beauty ($12.00) - I am so happy with this mom gift!  Seriously I was using up the rest of my hand cream in my purse last week and hoping I would get a new one!  My hands get so dry from all the hand washing, especially in the winter and I appreciate that they sent the full size (though it is still small enough for my purse).  

Overall this was a pretty good box.  It wasnt my favorite but it had some great items.  I came up with a retail value of $36.66 for this month.  Boxes start at $29 a month and go down with a longer subscription.  If you are interested in trying it out you can save 50% off you first box using this link here. (Thank you in advance if you use my referral link!)

Disclosure - I paid for this box myself and was not compensated for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.  This post contains referral links (thank you if you use them).

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