Week 9 - Playing with Catchlights

   This week I have been trying to pay more attention to getting nice catchlights in the eyes.  Amelia has such pretty blue eyes and I just love when they have the catchlights, really makes them pop!  I went to a photographer friend's house and got a few pointers as well.  So far I have just been trying to learn from reading articles on the internet but it was really nice to be able to ask a person some questions.  She also lent me her reflector so I will have to experiment with that next week.  I am so happy she offered to help me :)   Here are some of the shots I took at her house.

I like the catchlights in this photo and the exposure was good so I really didn't have to do much in editing.  She is such a little cutie pie!

Trying a different angle here.  She was playing with her frog.  It is getting harder to catch her sitting now that she can crawl and lately she just wants to stand.

Love this expression!  She was talking to me in this picture.  She does not always have patience for the camera but she will learn!

I thought the angle was cute on this one even though you can't see her face.

Such a cutie pie, just love how innocent she looks :)

This photo has given me a hard time.  I overexposed it and have had a hard time correcting it.  I keep trying because she eyes are so pretty in this picture.

Again I love her eyes in this one.  It was a little blown out but I think it looks good now.  I also tried it in black and white which I also like but then you can't see how blue her eyes are.

I love these pictures!  I snuck in while she was sleeping, turned on the lamp and took a few pictures.  I don't have a lot of pictures of her sleeping and I think these turned out really cute!  I took it looking through the bars on the crib.  Couldn't decide if I liked color or black and white better.  Well once again my pictures for the week are all Miss Amelia.  I think I am learning a lot so far but I can also see quite a bit of room for improvement!  I am really looking forward to spring so we can take pictures outside again.  At least I am being forced to work on my indoor settings.  Thanks for following along and have a great week!


  1. These are beautiful shots! Her eyes are gorgeous! Did you use your new flash on these?

    1. No there was quite a bit of natural light so I did not use my flash for these. Maybe a little too much light in a few of these :)