Citrus Lane January Box Review + free box coupon code

 Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids from birth to five years old.  I love having a box of surprises show up for my little one every month.  I aged her up one month when I signed up so I received the 9 month girl box.  Once again my box showed up before the tracking said it would, which is always a nice surprise! 

  Here is January's box for a 9 month girl.  I know I have seen a couple variations in boxes but I am quite pleased with what I got (or what Amelia got).  It is very bright and cheery which is nice since we have been having some cold icky weather here!  I really loved this months box, many fun things inside!

Cleo's Color Book from Barefoot Books ($6.99) - I was really excited to see this book when we opened the box.  We received Cleo in the Snow in last month's Citrus Lane and Amelia loved it.  She is super into books right now so it was great to get another Cleo book!  I think these books are very cute and a book teaching colors is going to be great :)

 Baby Car from Plan Toys ($13.67) - Love this little car!  It is cute, colorful, and easy to grab and push!  We do not have anything like this, though we love the other toys we have from Plan Toys.  I am sure she will have lots of fun with this!

Ball from Little Taggies ($6.99) - When looking up prices for this I found quite a range so I went with the lowest price I found (from Target).  This is bright and colorful and has lots of little tags to play with so I know Amelia will like it!  We have a few different Taggie toys but this is one we didnt have so it is great.

Travel Sized Dapple Dish Soap ($1.99) - While this is not the most "exciting" product in the box we can always use more dish soap!  I have been using the travel sized one I got from ecocentric baby box a couple months back so this will be next in line.  So not a new product for me but it is one that we like!

All totaled up I came up with a retail value of $29.64 for this months box.  Other boxes have definitely had a higher retail value but I really liked this box so I don't mind.  Monthly boxes are $29 a month and go down with a longer subscription.  I bought a 6 month subscription from Plum District three months ago and got an amazing deal so I only paid about $10 a month!  Occasionally they offer deals through plum district and groupon but I have not seen them that cheap since.  I know right now Citrus Lane is offering your first month free with the code FREETRIAL, which is am awesome deal if you were thinking about trying it out (click here)!  Just make sure you type it in the coupon box not the referral box.

Disclaimer - I paid for my own box and was not compensated for my opinions.  This post does contain referral links so if you purchase using my links TIA!

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