Week 8 - My New Flash

Again I am behind in posting for the week but I did take pictures!  I will admit I am not going to include very many pictures that I took since most of them are pretty boring.  I was mostly playing with my flash and diffuser so I was playing with aiming it in different directions.  I still need to play with it more to get a good feel for it.  It is so different than using the natural light but there are times when I just don't have enough natural light so its a good thing to have.  So here is what I have for this week…

These are an example of bouncing the flash in different directions or angles.  Not terribly exciting but necessary for learning!

 I was having trouble using the flash with my little one.  As you can see it isn't flattering, however I have since talked to a photographer friend and I think I know what else I can try.

This picture was also with my flash in a fairly dark area.  I think this one turned out pretty well (the light was bounced off the ceiling).

Here are a few more pictures from last week.  I do not think I was using my flash for these, just the natural light from the windows.  I think after I have properly learned my flash I should be able to create catchlights in photos like these.

Thats all I have for this week!  Thanks for following along on my photography journey, even through weeks like these where it isn't all that exciting!


  1. What kind of flash did you get? I am looking to get one too.