Walmart Clearance Deals

   It is Christmas clearance at Walmart (and Target but we sadly do not have one).  Earlier this week it was 50% off but I waited and yesterday it was down to 75%!  That makes it a great time to see if you can find anything you want.  Some stuff such as toys, pans, razors, and gift sets are getting clearanced at great prices!
Sorry the picture isn't great, but here is my haul.  There was quite a bit of stuff left when I stopped so I found more than I thought I would (technically I stopped at Walmart for one thing and was distracted by the clearance).

I know this picture makes me look like a hoarder but these were an awesome deal so I bought for me and my mom.  These gift sets have a razor, 4 cartridges and a shave gel inside.  Normally these are marked $19.98 which is a good price but they were on clearance for only $4.97 a box!  Usually just the 4 cartridges are about $20.  With such a great deal on these I bought the 14 they had left and I will split those with my mom since this many razors would last me two or three years ;)

  Dog toys are another great item to find on clearance since one of our dogs likes to destroy them.  I actually had two more toys but the dogs had already run off with them.  Each toy was only $0.74 and the dogs do not care if they are holiday or not so now we are stocked up for a while!

This was another great buy at only $3.72.  I have three nephews who love cars and planes so they will love these!

This picture is not great (and it is upside down?) but these ornaments are actually really cute.  I switched to a red and gold theme this year and these will look nice with what I have.  They were marked down to $0.25 a piece.  The ornaments were pretty picked through and I try to limit myself to non breakable ones (a baby and two dogs can't handle glass ornaments).

   This is what I found on my Walmart trip.  I am pretty happy with the razors since now I don't have to try to find good coupons deals for them (I am set for the year).  The dogs are also happy with their new toys :). I only looked in the Christmas clearance section although I have heard if you go through the regular aisles sometimes they have stuff hiding there that is also on clearance (so if you are looking for pans check in that aisle and anything with holiday packaging is usually on sale).  If in doubt just find a scanner and see.

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