Week 6 - My Little Deer

   I am a week behind posting with the holidays and then being sick, however, I have been taking pictures!  I finally got to editing my pictures from the last two weeks and I have some good ones.  I have been playing around with my new camera lenses, a canon 50mm 1.8 and a tamron AF 28-75mm 2.8.  I am still working on nailing my focus with my aperture wide open, but I am loving the background blurs and bokeh I am able to achieve.

   The above picture is one of the first pictures I took using my 50mm.  I took a few pictures but many of them were not quite in focus.  Using a f/1.8 is a little tricky but I love the backgrounds you get.

  We had to take some pictures of Amelia in her new little deer hat.  She is just too cute, plus I think some of these pictures really turned out well.  I especially love the bottom one!  These were just some of my favorites from week 6.  I am so happy I am doing this project as I feel like it has already improved my photos and I have a ways to go yet!  Thanks for following along!

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