A Little Bundle December Review

     A Little Bundle is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby.  All the items are hand selected for quality and it shows!  I was so excited because last month's box was my favorite box I have gotten so far.  This is my second bundle and I am so happy it made it here before Christmas.  So much fun to have a surprise box and even better since I have not seen any spoilers (I can never resist peeking) so I really had no idea what was coming.
   This box is completely different than my last box and a nice mix of products.  I have heard of a few of these brands/products but there are some i had not (I love finding new brands/products with these boxes).
Tegu Blocks ($12.00) - I have seen these online and I thought they looked neat.  I am happy they sent them in the box because I think I will probably order a bigger set once Amelia gets a little older.  I actually think these look really fun to play with (even for me). Plus they are the perfect size for her stocking :)
Plan Toys ($13.65) - This camera is one of Plan Toys new toys!  I took it out of the box before putting it in her stocking and it is really cute.  Looking through the camera it is kind of like a kaleidoscope.  I cant wait for her to see this!  The box says 18+ months but I can see her loving this now so I am happy with this.

Mulberry Press Print ($7.50) - This print was made exclusively for A Little Bundle.  I love the saying and it is nicely done, I guess the only thing I would say is it would have been nice to get it in an 8x10 like their other prints (this is a 5x7).  It is very cute though and I will definitely get a frame for it!

Loola Kids Shirt ($16.00) - This item was a miss for me.  I looked on Loola's site and they have some cute clothes, this just isn't my favorite shirt.  It is not girly at all which I could overlook except that it has short sleeves and its winter in Minnesota.  Today was -14 degrees not taking the windchill into consideration.  I am layering my little one with sweaters over a long sleeve shirts.  In December it would be nice to get seasonally appropriate tops (long sleeve).
Choomee Sip'n ($6.99) - I am oddly excited about this one!  Amelia keeps wanting to try and suck on my straws so this looks like something she would like.  I love the idea of these pouches but i thought she was too young but with these caps she should be able to eat from them.  I washed them up tonight and we will have to give them a try tomorrow.  I am so glad they included this since I had never heard of them before!

Little Green Pouch ($3.75) - If the above caps work well then this product will be awesome!  I like to make some of her baby food so this pouch should come in handy.  I love that they thought to send both the caps and the pouch in the same box.
Abacus Row Bracelet ($18.00) - This bracelet is really pretty and delicate.  The beads are even prettier in person, the downside is it is too small to fit over my hand.  I wish it fit, it might have to go in the gift pile even though I would like to keep it.
Eve Sand Calendar ($18.00) - This calendar has abstract landscapes on the top of each card.  Each month has a different print and they are pretty.  If you cut off the calendar you are left with a 4x6 print.  I will have to find a project for them, otherwise they would make cute postcards.  I am not sure where to put this calendar though as it is all loose (and I don't really want to make a hole through the prints to hang them).  I am not sure about the calendar as a whole but the prints are neat.

Card ($5.00) - Again I like the tradition of writing a card for my little one and it is nice they sent a Christmas one for December.

   All totaled up I came up with a value of $100.89.  This is way more than the $36 a bundle that I paid.  Bundles start at $42 and get lower with a longer subscription.   While this box had a few misses for me I really loved most of the products!  The toys were perfect to top off her stocking and I am excited to try the choomee.  A Little Bundle has done an exceptional job of providing a variety of quality products in the boxes I have received so far.  If you are interested in purchasing or looking for more info click here.  This is my favorite box I have tried for Amelia so far and I can't wait to see what they send in the next one!

Disclosure - I am not affiliated with A Little Bundle and this post does not contain any referral links.  I paid for my own box and all opinions are 100% my own.

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