Week 5

   Alright I am a little late in posting week 5, I was going to try to do that every Sunday but the day got away from me.  Right now I am anxiously waiting for my two new camera lenses and I just wish they would get here!  We have been busy, as I am sure most people are, getting ready for the holidays.  We are hosting at our house this year for my husband's side, so I am super excited.  I have a lot left to do before I will be ready for Tuesday, but it is always fun to see everyone at Christmas, so it will be worth it.  Plus this year will be Amelia's first Christmas!!  I am so excited, I have the cutest dress and pajamas for her so I will be sure to take lots of pictures :-)

This first picture is of my sweetie pie.  Isn't she adorable?  This is from my phone, but at least I was taking pictures!  I wish I had noticed the light shinning her head when I was takin it, but it is still a cute picture even if it isn't technically that great.

  This picture is a close up of an ornament with the macro lens for my phone.  As you can see I clearly did not know what I was doing with a macro lens.  I know people talk about using a tripod for macro shots and I think it might be necessary.

This was another shot of the same ornament but without the macro lens.  I have been seeing everyone playing with ornaments and lights in their pictures but I am not sure I love mine.  Hmmm it is harder than it looks ;)
  I took a few other pictures of the moon and the tree but I didn't get any to turn out.  I will have to figure out what went wrong, for sure I think i need to use a tripod.  Anyways thanks for following along and have a great week!

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