Thursday Thoughts

TTGood copy

~ I have started a project 365 to get better with my camera.  I am taking a photo and posting it on my blog every day so I have been posting every day this week but this is my first post not tied to that.  It is a good idea and I am pretty happy with how much more I am getting my camera out!  

~ Well it is officially winter as we got 8 1/2 inches of snow the other day.  I am not a big fan of snow and would have liked a lot more fall weather but I did get some pretty pictures.  Maybe we will get lucky and it will melt later this week.

~ Since we had all this snow I did finally have Amelia try on her snowsuit and took her outside to see her first snow!  She didn't quite know what to think of her snowsuit but she did like looking around outside.  She has always been an outside girl but now with winter we will be indoors more so I took advantage of the sun while there was no wind.

~ We had Amelia's 6 month checkup yesterday and she is doing great!  I really wasn't worried because I can see she is doing just fine.  She did awesome with her shot, she barely even cried.

~ With the awesome Fischer price coupons Amelia got some new toys and she is really into playing with all of them!  She even got some bath toys which she is really enjoying.  Somehow the bath toys have encouraged a lot of splashing so now I am in the splash zone :-)

~ Amelia seems to be doing better with food this time around.  We have been doing squash for a few days and I think it is going pretty well.  She still makes a funny face but I think it is just because it is new and not because she doesn't like it.

~ I received my ThredUp order yesterday!  Of course I received it right after I got done doing the laundry so it will have to catch the next load.  I had $10 off  and they had free shipping on orders over $20 for a limited time so I only paid $14 for two long sleeve onesies, gap pants, and a skirt.  They always such a good selection and I have always received quality like new clothes.

~ I also received a $50 gap reward and when I used it I still earned $25 in gap cash!  That is awesome because I figured that wouldn't apply to redeeming rewards and it made my day!

~ I went a little crazy with the plum district deals on subscription boxes (Bluum and Citrus Lane),  plus I had already ordered a couple new ones (A Little Bundle and From the Lab) so I may have gone overboard :-)  

~ After all this snow and these great deals I am feeling pretty Christmasy (I know it's not really a word).  I have already bought gifts for five people on my list, which is unlike me to be so on the ball. I think I only have a couple people I don't have gift ideas for yet.  I wonder if it is too early to start getting Christmas decorations out.  I don't mean the tree but maybe some evergreens and sparkly things for my mantle. 

Well I think that's all I have time for.  Happy Thursday!


  1. So jealous of your snow - I love snow! :)

  2. Could I be any more jealous of your snow? I don't think so. I want it to snow here. NOW!!!!!

    And thredUP? I LOVE them!!

    1. Well you can have it! I know I am so glad you shared about them :)