Day 7 - Amelia's First Snow

Alright, with all the snow we have I decided to put Amelia in her snowsuit and brave the weather (it was sunny and no wind).  She had never seen snow before and she really was quite interested in looking all around.  She was not so sure about her snowsuit though (it was a little too big but she will grow).  We only stayed outside a couple minutes because it was chilly.

Since I was trying to quick snap a few pictures I did not use manual (I probably should have).  I think the picture turned out pretty good.  Of course I would have loved a smiling picture and I almost got one but once she sees the camera she stops.  Hopefully with this project she will get used to the camera and maybe let me capture more smiles :-) 

As always CC welcome!

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  1. I think I'd ask for CC on the FB forum and leave your blog for positive and encouraging only :) Whatcha think? But since you ask, here you are:

    I would like to see this in landscape, instead of portrait. Keep baby in thirds on the right. You wouldn't lose that beautiful backdrop that way, and you'd still keep the doll in the picture :) It may help balance the image. Also, brighten it up a bit with curves until the snow is white. But I'm crazy about this picture... so sweet! Little bundled baby!