Ecocentric Mom and Baby Box Nov 2013 Review + Coupon Code

    My Ecocentric Mom and Baby Box arrived today!  I love how fast the shipping always is, it usually arrives a day early which makes me love USPS.  My other boxes never get to me this fast which makes me most excited to see this shipping notice.  Anyways on to the box…

   When I first opened the box I know that the two toys caught my eye and I couldn't wait to dig through and see everything else too.

Rubbabu Aniwheelies ($5.95) - I previously received a rubbabu ball and my little one loves it.  This toy will be great because she is discovering movement so the toy with wheels is perfect.  Plus rubbabu toys are just so soft!
Zubky Fancy Upcycled Natural Wood Teether ($12.00) - I love wood teethers so again this product is a win with us!  Amelia likes the little pieces of fabric tied to it and she loves to chew.

Wellements Baby Move - They included two samples of this but we have no need for these.  Guess I will pass these along to someone who can use them.
Camilia Natural Teething Relief ($7.99) - This will be a nice product to have handy when Amelia gets teeth cutting through.  She chews all the time but we haven't gotten any through yet.

Dapple Dish Liquid ($1.99) - This is definitely a product we will use, though I guess I have never used a separate dish liquid for Amelia's stuff but I will sure give this  try.
Organics Calming Cream ($3.60) - This cream is meant for eczema which Amelia does not have, however I think it will help with dry skin in the winter.

My Dentist's Choice Tooth Tissues ($4.00 per pack) - Another great item for when she gets some teeth.  I am happy I will have these handy so we can keep those teeth clean once they come in :-)
EcoFriendlyLiving Shampoo and Body Bar for Baby - They included a small sample size of this bar which I think I might try.  I am not so sure about using bar soap on a baby, seems like it might be difficult, but it smells nice so I will use it.

Eli's Earth Bars ($2.29) - I am always down for a candy bar so I can't wait to try this!  I am trying to hold off until after supper though.
Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Sweet Chai Lip Scrub & Lip Color ($2.80) - When I first opened the box I thought this was eyeshadow and I wasn't excited, but once I read what it was I was pretty happy about it.  The lip color seems a little dark to me but it goes on a more sheer than it looks (I will need to try it in front of a mirror to see for sure though).  I will probably try the scrub before bed.  Overall a nice mom gift.

  I really like the variety of products I have been receiving so far and this month did not disappoint.  All totaled up the box has a retail value of $44.62 so it is well above the purchase price!  The price of the boxes are $24 and they are switching to every other month instead of every month so the next box will be January.  I am actually liking the change since it will give me a chance to use more of the products between boxes and maybe even try a new one.  Ecocentric Mom has three box choices: mom box, mom-to-be box, and mom and baby box.  I love finding new green products for my baby and if you want to try it click here.  Today (11/25) they are having a flash sale on their January gift boxes.  Enter the code JANGIFTBOX14 for $10 off making the box only $14!  Remember this code will work on the gift boxes only not the subscription.  Any of the three boxes would make excellent gifts, but hurry this sale is today only!

Disclosure:  I paid for this box on my own and all opinions are 100% my own.  There are affiliate  links on this page.

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