Day 19-21 Catching Up

Alright I got way behind on my project 365 so to catch up I am using these three pictures I took on my iPhone *gasp*.  I know these are not really awesome pictures but they are of a little cutie pie so that helps!  The first picture has a bit of a pink cast in it.  Her curtains are pink and they make everything in her room look pink as well.

The second picture is of Miss Amelia watching me in the kitchen.  She was having fun playing with her toys for a while and then she needed a nap.  

This third picture is of Amelia playing with a new toy.  There is something about this couch that does not photograph well.  The color always looks weird in pictures (it looks better in person).  Again a phone picture so it is not fantastic.

I am going to really try to keep catching up and using my camera.  I am hoping to get a new lens for Christmas which should make my low light photos work better.  Maybe then I can remember even in the evening to get a pic :-)

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