Days 22 & 23 Back to my Camera

   I am back to my camera now!  I still have some catching up to do but at least I am trying :)    My first picture is of Amelia playing.  There wasn't a lot of light in the room but the pictures I took with the overhead light on had a bad coloring (I think I should maybe start learning to correct my white balance).  I was reading an article on white balance and I am sure thats where the other pictures went wrong.  Here is the one without the funny coloring:

    This next picture is of my homemade wild rice soup and bread.  Yep, thats right, I took a picture of my food!  Anyways I don't usually take food pictures so I am not sure what I should do differently.  

Well here are my pictures for days 22 and 23.   Thanks for being patient!

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