Day 24 Deciding on a Lens

    These pictures I took more to gauge which lens I should get and not because I love my lamp :-)  So from the same distance away I took three pictures with the same settings of the same lamp (you caught me I was sitting on my couch and didn't want to move to find a better subject).
Here is the lamp at 28mm

Here is the lamp at 35mm

Here is the lamp at 50mm

   I can see where the 50mm would be great for close ups but it would be especially difficult indoors to get the whole subject.  The 28mm is simply so far out I don't think I would want it as my only lens.  I keep changing my mind but I am actually thinking instead of a 35mm I might get a nice little zoom and get the 50mm 1.8.   Good thing my birthday is on Christmas!  I can't wait to get a better lens instead of my kit lens.  Well once again thanks for following along my 365!

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