Day 25 - Eating Lunch

    Today's picture is from Miss Amelia's lunch time today.  I took a previous picture of her eating and it did not turn out at all.  This one is much better, using only natural light has helped a lot.  She was very smiley but it is hard to catch one with the camera!  Anyways yesterday I made green beans and carrot baby food (both separately) and she will not eat them.  She much prefers the boughten baby food so far.  I did get her to eat a banana the other day but otherwise she does not seem to like homemade baby food.  I will not give up on this though so hopefully she will learn to like it :-)

    The settings for this picture are 1/80 5.0 ISO 400.  She was sitting facing the window to take advantage of the sunlight coming in.  I tried only using my camera at 50mm today to try and get a feel for what a fixed lens would be like and I think it would take some getting used to!  Thanks for following and have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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