Day 18 - Holiday Shoot Take 2

    I decided to try another holiday shoot with some lights hung up behind Amelia.  I even borrowed a tripod since Amelia will not smile when my face is behind the camera.  I was determined to get a great shot for a holiday card so I got all set up while she napped.  I hung the lights with command hooks (so my hubby doesn't get mad about holes in the walls) and laid out a cream blanket on the guest bed.  I set the camera up using a teddy bear as the focal point so I wouldn't have to mess with it too much once Amelia was there.  I think being prepared is very important for little ones as they do not always have patience.  Amelia is usually in a smiley mood after her naps so that is the perfect time.  I am so happy with how this set of pictures turned out!  I know I can use one of these for holiday cards.  I am only on day 18 (because I got behind) and I can already see improvement in my photography as well as my editing.
     I used manual mode for these pictures (yay!) and I tried with the window open but they seemed to turn out better with the shades closed.  I lightened it up a little in PSE and also blurred the lights more.  I can't wait to get my new lens with a lower aperture so I can get a better background blur SOOC.  I ended up with many good shots (I did take a lot of pictures) and I am so happy with the results!

Now the question is, which one should i use for my holiday card?


  1. I agree, 3rd one down :) She is just so cute!!!

  2. I love the second and third one down. The expressions are priceless!