So What Wednesday

Life After I Dew
This week I am saying so what if...

~ I think I am going to start pulling out my Christmas decorations.  Not the tree (I will wait another week for that) but I want to start putting up my greenery.

~ I don't mind watching cartoons in the morning with Amelia, except they need a better one on at 9:30.  Not a fan of Dora or Higgley town.  She mostly plays but she loves the songs.

~ I can't wait for the hunger games movie to come out!  Seriously soo excited (I will not be going the first day or dressing up though).

~ I think I have decided I might need an Erin Condren life planner.  Sometimes it is just easier to stay organized on paper.

~ I am three weeks behind on SOA  so I might need to start catching up!

~ My car really needs to be vacuumed but I just haven't gotten around to.  Now that I think of it so does my house ;)

~ Today I am going to try taking a holiday picture of Amelia again.  I really want a smiling one and I even got lights to put behind her this time.

~ Requests are already coming for my caramels.  I may have to set aside some time to start making them (although I usually wait until December).

That's it for me today, what are you saying so what to?

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  1. I'm on my 2nd Erin Condren planner and still LOVE it!