What I'm thinking Wednesday

This Wednesday I am thinking...

* I got so lucky to have such a wonderful little girl.  She is such an amazing blessing in my life, and even though she has been feeling a little under the weather since her shots she can always make me smile :)

* maybe Amelia isn't quite ready to start eating baby food?  So far she really doesn't care for anything she has tried and it is getting harder and harder to get anything in her mouth.  Possibly I should just leave it be for a few weeks?  Or do I keep trying?

* why have I never brownie brittle before.  I got a sample (actually a whole bag) free from www.swaggable.com and it is really yummy!  Such a great way to get my chocolate fix, now I just have to find a store that carries it.

* why have I never soaked my feet before?  I got this foot soak salt and it is so relaxing to soak my tired feet.  I could have used this when I had my swollen pregnant feet!

* so I may have been stalking my popsugar tracking info and I am wondering how it is taking them FOUR days to get my package three hours.  That's right it is only three hours away and has been since Monday but they expect it to arrive Friday....fed ex is so slow :(.

* I got lucky and won one of the ecocentric mom giveaways this month!  So now I will have my mystery baby box and my prize coming in the mail pretty soon, always fun to have mail to actually look forward to.

* today I am going to get my bathroom drawers and cupboard cleaned out and sorted through.  I am tired of not being able to fit anything in when I know there is a lot of stuff I never use taking up space.  I want to say I will get more than just that done but I want to be realistic so if will start there.

...and finally I am thinking I better get going on my cleaning and sorting since Amelia is down for her nap (never know how long I will get).  Thanks for stopping by!

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