Mission Organize It: the Bathroom

    One of the things I have been meaning to start is to sort through and organize my house.  I was reading through an organizing challenge on Pinterest and their advice was to start in one room (great advice) and empty out everything (not happening).  I decided to start and go one cupboard or drawer at a time so I didn't get overwhelmed and stop.  Sooo while trying to decide what to order at a thirty one party I found some utility bins that I thought would be perfect for organizing the things in my bathroom.  I ordered two of the little carry all sand one mini utility bin and they worked great for under the sink.

     The above picture is my newly organized cupboard!  I am actually thinking I may have to get a few more of these bins, I could definitely use another of the bigger size for all my hair things (I have been keeping my blow dryer and straighter in another room but I think they could totally fit under the sink now!).  I put all of my cleaning supplies in the bigger bin which will be super handy and way easier to find what I need.

     After getting under the sink cleaned out, I moved onto the drawers and made it through two of the four.  I will need to maybe find a few organizers for in there too to keep it looking nice.  Now on to the embarrassing part...the before picture.

     As you can see I really made a lot of progress!  I was soooo tempted to take some of the clutter out before snapping the picture but I left it so you can get the real picture.  I did not take pictures of the drawers but they are also looking much better.  I have two more drawers left and they are actually the easiest two.  I am hoping to get my whole house done my January, although I know sometimes we get pretty busy around the holidays.  I really should make my next project my craft / guest room, but that room is a big project!  Please tell me I am not the only one who could use a better organizing system. Anyways thanks for stopping by and I hope this gives you some motivation to start organizing!

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