Thursday Thoughts

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~ I am thinking it is a good thing I go to bed early now since it means I am not up for the infomercials!  Looking through all my stuff I have noticed that I am easily talked into things I do not need, example the instyler and airbrush makeup. 

~ it is really too bad that nobody wants to take me Amaluna while it is playing in the area, I love Cirque du Soleil!

~  it has been such a good week here.  I am loving the fall weather.  Amelia was extra cuddly Mon and Tues from her shots and super smiley and lots of fun today, definitely feeling better :)

~ I am looking forward to this weekend, it is my niece's birthday party on Saturday and Sunday we have my nephews party.  It will be a lot of driving but it will be great to see all our family!

~ so this is the third week I have been linking up for Thursday Thoughts and I finally figured out the button woo hoo!

~ this is pretty random but when I was in school I would have dreams about forgetting about a test or being unprepared, but last night I had a dream that I forgot my breast pump and I didn't have Amelia with me.  Guess that goes to show what I would currently consider an emergency!

~ My ecocentric mystery baby box has shipped finally so I should have Popsugar and Ecocentric Mom and Baby coming soon :)

~ and finally I am thinking that I LOVE my new blog design!  Designer Blogs did a great job and they really have designs for every budget (seriously templates start at $15!).  If you use them make sure you tell them Amanda from sent you :)

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  1. yes your blog is very cute!!

    Found you on the link up :)

    XOXO Bunnie