Popsugar Must Have Box Oct. 2013 Review

   I was pleasantly surprised to see my Popsugar box when I came home from work since it wasn't expected to be here until tomorrow.  I admit I got impatient and looked at the spoilers but I was still excited to see which colors I would be getting.  This is my first month of popsugar and I have three more coming so I will get a good chance to see if it is for me.  This box had items I was really excited for and some that will make great gifts.  I was really hoping for some gift items since I need to start thinking about Christmas already.

   Here are my first look picture and as you can see everything was packed nicely and looked just like a present!  It definitely had me wanting to dig in and see what I got.

     Popsugar sends these accordion style cards with the items inside listed.  They do not list prices which would be a nice feature so I had to look them up.  I like the information cards and this month they are donating $1 for very box to breast cancer research and teamed up with some brands that support breast cancer charities.  

The Cant Cook Book ($17) - This is probably my favorite item and I will have to keep this one ;) I have already found several recipes I want to try.  I love cookbooks and this one has lots of pictures and the recipes are all pretty simple so I think I will actually use it more.  It also has a how to section with pictures so you don't get confused by any of the instructions.  
 The Crispery Halloween Crispycake ($4) - I wasn't excited about this in the spoilers but it was actually really good.  It has been a long time since I have had a crispy treat and I do love goodies.

NYX Liquid Liner ($6) NYX Smokey Shadow Palette ($7) - I got the black liquid liner which is great and the colors in the smokey palette look really fun to play with.  While I really like both of these I may put these in the gift pile since I have so many eye shadows  and liners, but we will see.
 Julep for Popsugar Duo ($14 and $18) - the duo includes the freedom poly topcoat, which is perfect for me since I do not have a top coat right now, and the "Char" color which is a dark blue.  The blue isn't really a color I will wear but maybe I can trade it or it can go in the gift basket :). I do like that all of Julep's nail colors are 4 free.

Jane Tran Bobby Pins ($12) - These are actually really cute.  I do not use bobby pins much but I will keep these around for those times I decide to try a new Pinterest hairdo ;)
The Wet Brush ($14) - This was perfect timing for me as I broke my hairbrush last week and needed a new one.  I like that I can use it in the shower or on dry hair.

Gorjana Charity Bali Bead Bracelet ($45) - This bracelet is not my style, but I like that the proceeds are going to Breast Cnacer Connections.  I am sure I can either trade it or find someone who like it.
Stitch Fix $20 Giftcard - I am not counting this as part off the total for this box since it would cost more than $20 to get anything.  I probably will not use this as I work at a clothing boutique so I already pick out plenty of clothes.  

    All totaled up this box has a value of $137 or $157 if you include the gift card.  That is a great value since I only paid $31 for this box.  Of course there are definitely things I would not have paid that much for like the bracelet but I still liked most of the items and I love the surprise factor!  I am excited to see what next month brings and I also hear they are going to have a Neiman Marcus special edition box in November.  If you would like to try Popsugar Must Have box click here.  Also make sure you use the code SQUAD5 for $5 off your first box or SQUAD10 for $10 off a three month subscription.  They are raising the price of the boxes on November 4 so if you hurry you can still get it for $35 or less on a longer subscription!

Disclosure: There are referral links on this page, all opinions are my own.

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