Just Another Monday

~ We had a busy weekend, with a lot of traveling and I am feeling it today.  Saturday we drove to the cities to go to our niece's birthday party and Sunday we went to our nephews' birthday.  I love seeing our families and Amelia did really well.  She wouldn't nap at either party but she did sleep in the car and that's fine with me.
     Now today I have been working on catching up with the house work and Amelia has been pretty crabby.  She wouldn't nap all morning and afternoon, but now that I wanted to go get groceries she has FINALLY fallen asleep so it is looking like groceries will be tomorrow.

~ I am going to try to make it to MOPS tomorrow morning.  I have yet to go but I have heard from other moms that I should check it out.  I am a little nervous because I don't know what to expect or if I will have to leave Amelia in another room (I think they have people to watch the kids).  I guess at least I would be right down the hall...

~ Tomorrow I should be getting my ecocentric baby mystery box, since there was no mail today.  I hope I get a good box!

~ I am going to try some recipes from my new cookbook tomorrow (was planning on tonight but I didn't get to the store).  I will be making apple cider pork chops and an almond cranberry quinoa.    I hope it tastes as good as the picture looks!

~ I am going to try to make  a point to not wait to Christmas shop this year!  I am always scrambling at the end to get everything figured out and I know it seems early but I am going to start thinking of ideas now.

That's it for now, thanks for stopping by!

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