Ecocentric Mom and Baby Mystery Box Oct 2013

Oh happy day, my Ecocentric mystery baby box finally arrvied today!  It was supposed to arrive yesterday but it was worth the wait.  I had been looking at what others had gotten and I ended up with the two things I most wanted (rubbabu ball and gao teether) so I am super happy :)
As you can see the box was packed they really couldn't have fit anymore in.  Ecocentric Mom puts out a mystery box a few times a year which retails for $25 and promises to have at least 15 items totaling $50 or more.  My box had well over 15 items and had a value of $82.09!  You have the choice of the mom box. mom-to-be box, or the baby box.  I chose the baby box and I am thrilled with the contents.  They do not package the mystery boxes with tissue and information cards, but if that means they can fit more in that fine with me ;) 
Gao Natural Wood Teether ($8.99)- This is so cute and I love that it is hand made from wood.  Gao has some really cute wodden toys and I am happy to see this in my box!  It is a nice size for my 5 month old to grab and she already loves chewing on it.  She has been chewing on everything so this came at a perfect time!
Rubbabu Ball ($6.95) - This is the other item that I was so excited about.  This ball is soft and small and perfect for Amelia to play with.  I love how their balls all have different textures and colors, great for learning.  I was going to buy a different ball at the store last week but I decided to wait until I got my mystery box (just in case I got one) and I am glad I did!  I was looking online and I will probably order a few more rubbabu balls and they have some other neat toys too.
Happy Creamies ($3.99) - Amelia isn't really eating food yet but she will be soon so these will be great.  I appreciate that they are organic and they look easy to take with you in a diaper bag.
Nuturmeals ($2.61 for the three) - Love the idea of taking these with you to mix up on the go!  I plan on making most of Amelia's baby food but I know there will be times when I will need something to take with us and these will be helpful.
Babysoy Socks ($3.50) - the socks are cute and really soft, I just wish they were a different color.  I understand that they are trying to be gender neutral and I will still use these.  I was looking at Babysoy socks online and they have some really nice colors so maybe we will just get some more.
Nourish Reusable Food Pouch ($2.59)- I am excited to use this when Amelia gets a little older!  It is super cute and I am sure she will think its fun, since I will be making baby food this could be really useful.  If it goes over well I will definitely be getting more of these (plus they come in so many cute designs).
Nature's Gate Baby Shampoo & Body Wash ($6.99)- The shampoo has a nice light scent and is made without sulfates, parabens, sodium lauryl/ laureth, butylene glycol, and synthetic fragrances.  I have not tried this brand yet and it's a nice big size.
Buggy Love Pure Love Universal Surface Cleaner ($7.99)-  I am always looking for Eco friendly and non toxic cleaners so this is perfect!  I was looking at their website and they have a few products I would like to try.
Derma Water Wipes ($1.00) - I got two travel packs with ten wipes in each.  I have used these wipes before and love that they are 99.9% water and only .01% fruit extract! it doesn't get much more pure than that!
Bumboosa Baby Wipes - I didn't put a value on these as there are only three wipes but I like the individual packs for in my purse or diaper bag.  The wipes are soft and smell nice.
Dapple Pacifier Wipes ($2.99)- These are going right into my purse because Amelia is always throwing her toys on the ground and then wanting to chew on them.  These may just become a staple in my diaper bag.
Boogie Mist ($4.99)- I just got this in my first ecocentric box last month but with the winter ahead I am sure we will need it.  
Diaper Rash Samples- I received two different samples: Emily diaper skin soother plus and Not Just For Butts by Aromatics and herbs.  These are the perfect size for my purse or diaper bag.  I like that they can be used for other skin issues as well.
Bubbly by Nature Baby Bubble Bath ($1.50)- I got one of these last month as well and it is already gone.  I loved all the bubble for my little ones bath and am happy for another!
Nature's Baby Organics Shampoo and Body Wash ($1.00)- I will probably be set with shampoo for awhile but this is a great travel size!  
Milky! ($5)- These are to increase the quality and quantity of breast milk.  I will give them a try but I don't really have a production problem so I won't be needing more.
Novena Organic Cucumber and Cranberry Eye Gel ($22)- it is so nice to get a treat for mom in these and what mom doesn't get tired and puffy eyes.  I haven't tried it yet but I think I will before bed.
Green Street Soap- this is just a little sample square of soap to try.

I think this Ecocentric Mystery Baby Box was a definite hit for me!  All the mystery boxes were not exactly the same so others may have a few different items.  I just started getting Ecocentric baby boxes so most of these items were new for me and the box is an amazing value at $82.09 and I only paid $25!  I couldn't be happier and can't wait to try everything out.  If you are interested in signing up for Ecocentric Mom boxes click here.  The subscription boxes are now shipping every other month and they will only have so many slots available so you may be put on a waiting list.  So far I have really enjoyed my boxes and am excited for the next one (Octobers box will be shipping soon).

Disclosure: I bought this box with my own money and did not receive compensation in any way for my review.  This post does contain affiliate links.

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