Thursday Thoughts

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~ Wow this week has gone fast, I can't believe it is Thursday already!  We have been busy around here and I work the next three days so the craziness continues.  Matt started feeling stuffy yesterday and his morning he is not feeling well at all so hopefully he gets over this cold fast.  He is watching Amelia while I am at work so hopefully she doesn't get it too (the 
last thing I want is a sick baby).

~ Went went out for supper last night (it has been awhile) and Amelia had a great time.  She loves her new teether and well anything else she can chew on.  She must be working on some teeth because she goes nuts chewing.  She also loves sitting up at the table with us.  We have to really watch now because she wants to grab EVERYTHING!

~ I love my mornings with Amelia before work.  She is always in such a great mood and it is contagious! 

~ It looks like the cooler weather is here to stay.  I was hoping for more 60-70 degree weather but I will take 50s with no snow I guess.  I probably should get the zipper on my jacket fixed before it gets really cold (my pregnant belly broke it last year).

~ Tonight I am going to a cooking show for work.  Miss Amelia is coming with me so hopefully she does as well as she did last night at the restaurant!


  1. I'm kind if excited for snow! That will last about two days though and then I'll be over it!

    1. Yeah it's pretty for a day and then it's a pain.