My weekly weekend update

~ Technically Thursday isn't part of the weekend but since I have gotten behind posting, so I will include the picture from the cooking show.  I brought Amelia with to the cooking show where we (my bosses and I ) handed out the door prizes.  It started at 7:00 and was supposed to end at 9:00 but ended up going over and we didn't leave until 10:00.  Amelia did amazingly well at the show.  She really didn't fuss at all and even let Trisha hold her (she doesn't always let people other than Matt and I hold her).  She seemed really interested in everything going on but was sleeping by the end.

~  Well the weekend flew by once again.  I worked Friday and Saturday so today I spent trying to get some things done at home, really exciting things like laundry and dishes ;)

~ Staying in today with Amelia was the perfect way to spend my Sunday.  I just love snuggling and playing with her. She is laughing more and more and I just love it!

~ Soo I decided I would sew a sleep sack for Amelia since she keeps getting out of her blanket and it is getting chilly.  I figured it would be easy but the first try did not work out.  I did not give enough of an allowance for the seams.  However I know what to fix so the second go around should be better.  I will do a post of how I did it once I get it right ;)

~ and here is a selfie of my smiley girl and I.  My selfie skills could use a little work it seems but she is so cute I included it anyways.

Well that is it for right now, again thanks for stopping by my blog!

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