Wednesday's Musings

~ Alright I have finally decided I am going to learn to use my new Canon Rebel t3 camera in manual mode!  I know, I thought I would always use auto but the more I learn, the more I am seeing the need for manual mode.  This may mean I will have many sub par pictures for a while until I get the hang of it. I also found this amazing blog Click It Up A Notch with great articles on how to make this transition. Of course I also found some lenses to add to my wish list (maybe for Christmas).  Here are a couple pictures I took my first time playing around with manual mode.  They actually turned out better than I thought since I am still so new to this.

~ Amelia is in such a fun phase!  Last night she was cracking up every time time Pixie barked or growled at her toy, so cute.  She is really starting to laugh a lot more which is great :)  However I have to be extra careful since she grabs everything now.

~ This week is a busy one but today I get to stay home with my little cutie pie which is always a treat.  I  ordered her a snowsuit the yesterday (I know I waited with hopes we wouldn't need it yet) and today I saw a few snowflakes, nothing that stuck thankfully.  I am just not ready for winter weather and I kept clinging to the hope that it would warm back up a bit but clearly that is not the case.

~ My little girl is getting so good at sitting!  She is still a little wobbly but if she is paying attention she cans it quite a while now without tipping over.  The dogs are a little overly friendly of her on the floor but they are doing quite well with her (with the exception of too many dog kisses).

Well nap time is over so I better get going, thanks for stopping by my blog!

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