Thursday Thoughts

TTGood copy

~  It is so great to wake up to this happy little face every morning!  Even if I am a little tired she puts me in a good mood (though she really is a great sleeper).

~ Halloween is exactly one week away!  That means I better get going on Amelia's owl costume, I haven't touched it since I cut out all the feathers but I am going to glue gun it so shouldn't take too long.  My friend from Little Snuggles finished the owl hat though and it is super cute :)

~  I wish the weather would warm up a bit.  I really would like to take pictures of Amelia outside but 39 degrees is a little too chilly .

~ I know it's kind of early but I think I have thought of a good idea for Matt's Christmas present and he is usually my hardest person to shop for!  I can't say what it is though in case he reads this ;).   Is it just me or is it hard to keep a secret until Christmas?  I always want to tell people what I got  them because I get excited.

That's it for this Thursday, I know it's a little short but like I said I have been really busy over here :)  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I cannot keep a secret either. When I buy gifts I want to give them right away!!!

    And I LOVE that owl hat!

    1. Oh good so I am not the only one :) Thanks I love her hat and I can't wait to get her costume done!

  2. I always want to give gifts too! In fact I had a Christmas gift for a friend & I gave it to her weeks ago!

    1. Haha I haven't even actually bought it yet and I am having a hard time not telling! Hopefully I can make it to Christmas :)