Thursday Thoughts

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~ It looks like Amelia will be crawling soon.  I am not ready for this but she is pretty cute trying to get going.  So far she ends up scooting backwards which makes her a little mad.  Guess I better get to baby proofing :)

~ I went shopping in the cities on Monday and got a few people done for Christmas shopping.  I am getting started early this year but it will be extra hard to keep the gifts a secret for that long!  It was a great day of shopping with my mother in law and Amelia.  Of course I also got Amelia a bunch of stuff as well (I may save some for Christmas but I haven't decided yet).

~ I took a break from baby food since Amelia wasn't having it, but we started again yesterday.  I had her try avocado which she seemed confused by.  I did follow my friend's advice and put some on her tray and let her play with it.  She got it on her hand but never got it in her mouth that way.  We will keep trying the avocado for two more days and then I think we will move onto sweet potato.  What foods did your baby like most?  So far it seems we aren't hitting any real favorites yet.  Sorry the pic of her eating isn't the greatest.

~ Here is my morning girl!  Seriously she is such a sweetie pie in the morning, definitely her favorite time of day :)

~ I am excited to dress Amelia up in her owl costume!  I finished it up yesterday (I know I really waited until last minute) and I think it turned out pretty cute.  Now hopefully she will be her happy little self once I put it on so I can get some pictures!

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  1. Stopping by from the link up:)
    That owl costume is the sweetest thing! So so sweet.

    My son liked bananas the best at first. Let her play with a spoon too, that helped us.

    1. Thanks I really liked how her costume turned out and I got some super adorable pictures of my little owl! I will try letting her play with a spoon and I think pretty soon I will throw in a fruit like bananas.

  2. OMG I cannot wait to see that owl costume on. Too cute!

  3. I love the owl costume too. I miss getting my boys all dressed up!

    1. Thanks I was super excited to dress her up ;)