How to: Owl Costume

   Soo I finally finished the owl costume I started like a month ago and just in time for Halloween.  I got the idea on Pinterest having seen so many cute little owls :)  My friend Amy from Little Snuggles made the owl hat (I would have never gotten that finished in time and hers are so cute).  However I did make the rest of the costume.

I started with a long sleeve onesie, I just used a white one.  I then cut out a whole bunch of feathers.  I just free handed the shape and when I got one I liked used it as my guide.  You could make the feathers bigger or smaller than I did, it is just personal preference.  I used four colors.  The browns and pink are felt and the cream is a natural color batting (they did not have a cream felt).  I tried to use the colors in my hat but you could use any number of colors.
Once I had my feathers cut I started laying them on the onesie and moving them around until I liked the look.  I started with three colors but ended up adding the fourth dark brown and I think it looks best this way.  Once I got them all laid out on the onesie I started gluing them down with a hot glue gun.  I started gluing from the top down so the top row was right around the collar.

I ended up with seven rows going down my onesie (size 6-9 month).  I also created two wings to put over the shoulders of the costume.  I just cut a big wing shape out of the batting about as long as the onesie and then glued feathers over that shape as well.

This picture shows the wing shape a little better but was before I decided to add the fourth color

I then put a little square of Velcro on the top corners of the wing so I can Velcro it to the onesie.  I thought it would be easier to put her in the carseat if I could remove the wings, though you could also just glue those if you wanted.  I will attach the wings once she is in the costume so they will be in the right spot.  This costume was really pretty easy to make and you could put many different spins on it to make it your own.  

Here is my little owl, isn't she adorable :)  Thanks for stopping by my blog and Happy Halloween!

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