Ecocentric Mom & Baby Box Oct 2013

    My Ecocentric Mom and Baby Box arrived today!  I love how fast the shipping always ends up, it usually arrives a day early which makes me love USPS.  My other boxes never get to me this fast which makes me most excited to see this shipping notice.  Anyways on to the box...
  Once again it is a nice full box and definitely looks like some new items.  October is non GMO so I was also expecting to see some snacks which is what was included for mom.  The cards they include talked about having a green Halloween and October being Non GMO month.  They also include a great information card that includes descriptions and prices for each item.  Now to get a closer look at the products...

RW Garcia Curry and Mango Dipping Chips($2.99)- These are supposed to be a sweet and spicy chip that is long enough to dip into a dip jar if you like.  They are Non GMO and not something I have tried before.
Fiber Love Bars ($1.99 each) - They included two bars one oatmeal raisin and one chocolate brownie flavor.  The chocolate one was good (I had to have a snack while I review).  Both are Non GMO going with this months theme.
Bumkins Reusable Flannel Wipes 12 Pack ($5.95)- While I do not use reusable wipes I can think of many uses for these.  They are very soft and lightweight.
Happy Family Organic Happy Yogis ($4.00 each)- These are freeze dried fruit and yogurt bites for children.  They say they melt in their mouth which will be perfect as my daughter is just getting started eating baby foods.  I also love that they include probiotics and are a good source of protein.

 Susan Brown's Baby Foaming Shampoo and Body Wash ($7.99)-  This is a full sized bottle of the body wash which I am excited to try since I have loved all the products so far from Susan Brown's baby brand.
Jack n Jill Natural Orgainc Calendula Toothpaste ($6.99)-  Miss Amelia does not have teeth yet but I will save this for later.  I love that they included this because it is not harmful if swallowed so no worries for little ones.  The organic calendula is supposed to soothe gums, has natural  flavor, fluoride free, color free, SLS free, preservative free, BPA free and has minimal recyclable packaging.  So much to feel good about with this toothpaste!

Aquatowel ($2.50 per 5 individual packs)- These are a great addition to my purse and diaper bag.  They are guaranteed 100% sanitized towels and can be used on face, hands, or any surface that needs cleaning.  Since they are packaged individually you never have worry about wasting or contaminating the rest.
Rockin' Green Eco Friendly Laundry Detergent ($2.00)-  I got two sample of this laundry detergent which I have heard of but never tried before.  It is safe for cloth diapers and biodegradable, no phosphates, no SLS or paragons, no optical brighteners, and is gluten and vegan friendly.  I recieved classic rock but they have three scents or scent free.  I can always use more laundry detergent so this will not go to waste!

    I love the selection of products this month and am excited to try them.  All totaled up I got a value of $40.40 which is way more than the $21 price (I got mine for $18.90 from a deal they had a while ago). Next month the prices are going up to $24 and they are switching to every other month instead of every month.  I am actually liking the change since it will give me a chance to use more of the products between boxes and maybe even try a new one.  Ecocentric Mom has three box choices: mom box, mom-to-be box, and mom and baby box.  I love finding new green products for my baby and if you want to try it click here.

Disclosure:  I paid for this box on my own and all opinions are 100% my own.  There are affiliate  links on this page.

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