Thursday Thoughts

     Time to link up with Jen for Thursday Thoughts!

~ Loving the new Jack Johnson album, especially I Got You and Washing Dishes!  I just love his music.

~ Made apple crisp last night and now I am wondering why I have never made it before?  It was soo yummy and very easy to make.  Now to make applesauce on Sunday.

~ I started Amelia's Halloween costume today, she will be an owl.  I am thinking I will do a how to on it if it turns out cute, if not maybe I will do a how NOT to ;)

~ Starting Amelia real foods (not just the rice stuff) and so far peas have not been a hit.  We will have to try them again later but she was not having it for now, too bad we have to wait three days to move on to another food.  I wonder why they put the organic baby food in a plastic container and the regular baby food in a jar?  It seems like the people who are wanting organic baby food might be the ones who would appreciate a glass jar (I know I would have preferred it).  I plan on making most of her baby food though so I suppose it won't make too much of a difference.

~  So happy with the pictures of Amelia from yesterday! Love that girl soooo much <3


  1. She is so cute. Jack Johnson is in my area tonight and my husband is working the concert. I like some of his songs but I've never really paid him too much attention. I may need to download and give it a listen.
    Stopping my from the linkup - Jenny

    1. Ohh that's cool! I really like his music and would love to go see him!