Mom with a camera strikes again!

     Sooo if you have been reading my blog you know one of my goals this week is to get some cute pictures of Amelia, and I am happy to say today's photo shoot went great!  I didn't manage to get any of her smiling but I think they are adorable (she is pretty adorable so it doesn't take much).

     She was pretty interested in the grass outside.  She is also getting better and better at sitting, pretty soon I think she will be able to balance by herself (without sitting against something).
    She couldn't quite figure out the wind...  The temp was great but it was getting quite windy at times (we only stayed out for about 5 min).
     This is my favorite picture of the day!  Isn't she just the cutest, look at those cheeks and blue eyes (alright I might be a little biased)!  We had a great day together and I am even happier that I got some good photos for her 5 month "birthday".  Still can't believe in two days she will be that old already, time has gone so fast!

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