Our Trip to the Orchard

     Today I took Amelia to the orchard for the first time.  It was a beautiful day and I am glad we went.  I wanted to get some apples but I also decided that I could get some great pictures of Amelia since she turns five months old this week!  When we arrived at the Orchard she woke up and didn't look mad but also didn't look happy.  Since she took a nap on the way over I thought we would be good to start trying to get a good shot of her by the pumpkins and hay bales.  When I set her down in front of them she immediately started bawling, no problem I thought I will just pick her up and calm her down and try again.  A few minutes later she had calmed down so i tried again, but still the second she touched the ground she went into meltdown mode.   Ugh it is going to be one of those days,  so I took a break to feed her, while my friend's little girl played in the corn.  Little Miss Isabel was having a lot of fun with the pumpkins and in the corn (there was a boat filled with corn for the kids).  At least Isabel was thoroughly enjoying her orchard experience!

     Isn't she a cutie?  So now that Amelia is fed and we got some good shots of Isabel, I thought we would try to get a picture again.  This time I set down a little mat for her to sit on, but she still wasn't having it.  I finally thought maybe if I couldn't get a good picture of her maybe if I sat with her it would be better...
     As you can see she just wasn't liking the orchard.  So we went inside to pick out our apples and she was in a better mood (I don't know what it is about the camera that kept setting her off).  So after quite a bit of trying the best picture I got was this
    Not exactly what I was hoping for, she isn't even looking at the camera, but it is the one she isn't bawling in so I suppose this is what I get for now.  Sooo my mission this week is to get some good pictures and it looks like I have my work cut out for me!  It was still a fun day and we will definitely go back next year.  Oh and the apples taste great and I can't wait to make some applesauce :)


  1. Glad you had a good day. We went a few years ago Shelby and grace were all over in the corn. . Then someone the next day let us know it's full of mice/mouse poop! !! I guess makes sense since mice love corn.

    1. Eww, now I won't want her to play in the corn next year.