Honest Company Diapers Bundle Review

     The Honest Company makes many products from cleaning, to bath, to baby items.  You can buy their products from their website as single items or in their subscription bundles.  They offer three different bundles: the essentials bundle. diapers bundle, and health and wellness bundle.  I am reviewing the diapers bundle today although I also get the essentials bundle.

     This is the second diapers and wipes bundle i have gotten and I really like this company.  They do not use any risky chemicals found in many diapers and wipes including: parabens, phthalates, chlorine, or petroleum products.  I try my best to use products with the safest and most gentle ingredients so I appreciate how great this company is at staying away from them.  I want to feel good about the products I use on my baby and these are great.  The diapers are cute, they come in many fun prints and you can pick up to six different prints per bundle or choose white if you prefer.  I got three prints: flowers, feathers, and white.  You also specify which size.  Along with your bundle you can choose up to three add on products for 25%.  I suggest more wipes (I go through a lot) or the healing balm.  The healing balm can be used all over, I use it on her bum and also for the roll underneath her neck that gets really red and irritated (it is the only thing that keeps her neck from being red and sore).
     Along with six packs of diapers, you will also receive four packs of wipes.  I really love their wipes, and they recently improved them.  They are now thicker and softer medical grade cloth and they interlock so they pop up easy!  That is a big improvement since they used to be a little difficult to get out.  I actually ordered extra packs of wipe because these are the only ones I like for when I don't make my own.  The diapers are also a good quality. They are thinner and longer than nature baby care so i think it will help with leaks out the top.   I wish I could say i never get leaks but I do.  To be fair I have tried six different brands (both eco friendly and normal brands) and my little one leaks through them all.  It is kind of fun to have the different prints.
     One of the issues I had with the first bundle Amelia outgrew the diapers before we got through six packs.  This isn't their fault but the bundle is a lot of diapers and she is growing so fast.  This time I ordered up and they actually still work for her now so I should be good this time.  One big plus to Honest Company is their customer service.  I was going to call the cancel after my free trial (did i mention you can get a free trial and only pay shipping?) but they talked to me and figured out that I just had her in the wrong size so they sent another 14 diapers for us to try.  You can also set your subscription to four, six or eight weeks apart.  On their website or their app you can move your ship dates to whenever you want which is handy if you arent quite ready for another shipment yet (or maybe if you are running out early).  They also offer a satisfaction guarantee so if you are not completely satisfied with a product you can send it back for an exchange or refund.  If you would like a free trial or to order a bundle click here.  I hope this helps and thanks for stopping by!
~ Amanda
Disclosure:  This post contains referral links.  I was not paid or given free products for reviews and all opinions are 100% my own.

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