Thursday Thoughts

Linking up with Jen from Ramblings for Thursday thoughts.  I am not sure how to use her button though so I will have to figure that out for next week.  Any help would be appreciated!

~ Whoo hoo who else is excited that Nashville and Revolution started last night?  I haven't watched them yet but they are waiting on the dvr.  Plus Matt and I still have the voice to watch yet, so many shows.

~ Hmm should I get an iPhone 5s for $30?  I think I might! Verizon will buy back my 4s for $200 and the new 5s is only $200 so I would just have to pay tax and the upgrade fee.  The only downside is I will lose my unlimited data, however I only use about 10% of the amount they will give me so it shouldn't make a difference.

~ I am bringing Amelia to the apple orchard/ pumpkin patch on Monday.  I can't wait to get some apples and start making applesauce.  I already froze some green beans and corn, so I am off to a good start!  Plus hopefully I can get some cute fall pictures of Amelia when we are there, now I just have to decide what she should wear...

~ I received my thred up order yesterday and hopefully will get a review up later today, but now I am thinking maybe I should clean out my closet and send some stuff in since I know I have things I am not using.

~ Trying to decide where to go for a new blog design, I clearly do not know how to do it myself, any ideas?

~ I wish someone would come and clean and organize my craft room for me.  It is a mess right now and I am having trouble getting motivated to start on it.

~ My first ecocentric mom box is due to arrive Sat!  Maybe I will luck out and see it tomorrow, that might be wishful thinking ;)

~ Amelia is definitely teething, not teeth coming through but she is chewing and drooling on everything!

That will have to be it for now because Amelia wants some attention!  Thanks for stopping by!

~ Amanda


  1. Oh a craft room. How about we swap and you come and do mine and I'll do yours? I have great ideas but I'm so not motivated to do it in my own space. LOL I need to get the counter in there cleared off so I can actually do some scrapbooking without a big production of dragging everything to another room.
    Stopping by from the link up - Jenny

    1. Maybe if we swapped it would get done? I am so behind in my scrapping and quilting but everything is buried! Thanks for stopping by!

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