My First ThredUp Order

     My ThredUp order arrived in the mail yesterday!  ThredUp is an upscale resale site that has clothes from 12 mo to adult sizes.  I was pretty excited to unpack the box, they shipped via fed ex and it took 3 days for it to ship and another 8 for it to arrive.  This was quite a bit longer than Moxie Jean but it was packaged in a cute box with polka dots on the side.  The clothes were also wrapped in tissue so it looks like they really tried to make it feel like you ordered for a nice boutique.

     I was able to get three sweaters, one sweater dress, and five pairs of pants for only $57.  According to ThredUp's calculations I saved $231 which is 77%.  I am very happy with the condition of the clothes.  The sweaters really do look new and they are so cute!  Amelia is currently wearing 6-9mo but soon enough she will fit into these.  The gap sweaters are 12-18mo and a little bigger than the Ralph Lauren sweaters which are just 12mo.  The pants look to be in great condition saw well.  I was able to save $10 off my first order and you can click here to do the same.  Shipping is free with orders over $50 so I did not have to pay shipping either.  Since I did not encounter any problems I can't say how their customer service it though I hear they are great to work with.

     ThredUp will also buy your like new clothes.  I have not tried this yet since they do not take under 12mo but I am thinking maybe I should clean out my closet and send some in.  All in all I will definitely order from the again, and once again if you would like to save $10 click here.
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