Imagination Library and Walmart Deals

   Yesterday we got our imagination library book!  This month it was Where's My Nose? and Amelia already likes it.  It has a "mirror" in the back, it is actually a reflective sticker but she is intrigued.  Imagination library was set up by Dolly Parton to promote literacy in children.  The program sends children one book every month from birth to age five.  This builds their book collection and also gives the kids an exciting book every month.  The other books we have received are Look Look!, which has bold black and white pictures which are great for newborns and The Little Engine That Could.  This is a great program and is offered in many communities.  If you are interested in more information click here.  What are the favorite books in your house?


     On another note, my trip to Walmart turned out to be a good one.  I happened to stop by the clearance section and found things we could actually use.  I got some antacids (for my hubby) and Eco friendly shampoo and conditioner (for me) at half off.  I also got a good deal on breath right strips (between allergies and colds I can always use these) and some Atkins bars (which are usually spendy).  While going through Walmart talking with Amelia, I actually had a lady tell me she thought it was great that when Amelia cooed I was talking to her :). It is always nice when someone gives a compliment.  When we finally got to the checkout line the lady behind me asked if I read to Amelia a lot because she was so chatty.  She said she worked with many young children and she can always tell the difference between kids who are read to and kids who are not.  So we got two great compliments today at Walmart :). 

     Overall it has been a very good day.  I even got Amelia to eat some rice cereal (we had started this last week and it didn't go well so I stopped a few days).  I think it helps when I warm the milk I use in the rice and make it a little runny.  She still makes faces but she did eat it.  I am hoping it helps with her reflux a little.   Does anybody have any suggestions for reflux?  She is already on meds from the doctor and we can no longer elevate her mattress since she scoots around.  Thanks for stopping by my blog!
~ Amanda

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