Amelia's favorite things

~ Spit bubbles.  She has recently decided it is lots of fun to blow bubbles with her spit and sometimes just spit.  This has become a very messy habit that leaves me as well as her a little damp.  I am hoping this passes!

~  Squealing.  She has a very high pitched loud squeal that she does for fun.  It is really cute and funny for a little bit but when we are in a restarant it gets a little embarrassing.  Luckily most people think it is cute when she does this since she is little yet.

~. Mornings.  She is a morning girl!  So smiley and talkative in the morning, it has become one of my favorite times of the day as long as it doesn't start too early.

~ Me!  She is becoming quite a little Mama's girl lately.  This is fine except it would be nice if she would allow other people to hold her sometimes.  Luckily Matt says she only does that when I am around.

~  The jumperoo.  Every morning she jumps for a while until she is ready to eat (she has to wait 30-45 minutes for the reflux meds to kick in).  She likes to jump and has really gotten into the toys around the sides lately as well.

~ Laughing.  She is laughing more and more and even getting a little ticklish.  The thing she finds funniest is when I laugh, but it has to be a real laugh she can tell if I am just trying to get her going.

~ Her two fingers.  She always has two fingers in her mouth, she doesn't use her thumb.  I have tried to get her to take the pacifier but she really prefers her fingers and I think she is teething, which doesn't help.

   These are a few of her favorite things right now, but they are always changing!  I can do a post later on some of my favorite baby items we use and which ones we didn't use as much.  I know it is overwhelming trying to decide what you should buy for a new baby so I always like to hear what other people thought was useful. Once again thanks for reading!
~ Amanda

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