A Busy Weekend

     Hard to believe it is Monday already, the weekend always goes so fast.  I worked on Saturday and afterwards Matt, Amelia, and I went to Walmart and Culvers.  Walmart is not really a fun trip but Culvers is!  Who doesn't love a butterbuger :).  Then I had to get ready for Sunday...my first day away from Amelia (not including work which is only 4- 6 hours at a time).
     On Sunday some of the ladies I work with all went to the cities to see Wicked (and shop of course)!  It really was a fun day, we stopped at Southdale and the Galleria before eating at Sevens (super yummy).  I treated myself to a pair of booties from Micheal Kors, a girls gotta have shoes right!  It was a great day with some great company, even though I was missing my baby, I am glad I went.  Wicked was amazing!  I had never seen the show before and really enjoyed the story.  The girl playing the wicked witch had an amazing voice, and all the characters were fun to watch.  So happy we went :)
     Amelia did great at home with daddy.  They got to watch some football, even though we didn't win.  Overall a fun weekend but I am enjoying my Monday at home with Amelia today.

~ Amanda

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