Dr. Yum's Baby Teeth Cleaners Review

     My daughter started getting teeth at about 11 months old and ever since I have been trying my best to maintain good dental hygiene with her.  It can be difficult since babies and toddlers do not always want to cooperate.  When she first started getting teeth we used tooth wipes.  These were fine until she started getting teeth on the bottom as well and my poor fingers were often getting bitten.  Baby teeth are a lot sharper than you might think because that hurts!  When I was contacted by Dr. Yums with these baby teeth cleaners I thought they sounded like a great idea so why not give them a try!

     Dr. Yum's Baby Teeth Cleaners are little q-tips filled with a baby safe cleaning solution that coats the teeth to protect from plaque.  You click it and the solution dispenses on the tip of the q-tip and you simply wipe it along your baby's teeth.  They are not messy,  disposable, Amelia likes the taste, and are safe for babies.  I will admit these are probably best used when they are younger or for in between brushings.  Amelia is now one and a half and in a "I will do it myself" stage so this is probably not any easier than her toothbrush at the moment.  That said, when she was younger I really wish I had found these, they definitely would have saved my fingers!  I am going to keep some in the diaper bag though since they are awesome for traveling.  We are going on a trip in a couple months and these will be perfect to have on hand in the airport since they are a one time use product I won't have a wet toothbrush in my bag.  

     Overall I think this is a great product for younger babies.  Once they get into that toddler stage it will depend on the child, mine won't let me "help" her to really get all her teeth with the q-tip, but they are great for in between brushing.  Amelia really likes the taste and the ingredients are all safe for little ones.  I can't wait to travel with these as they are super convenient to throw in the bag and go! They would also make great stocking stuffers ;).

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Disclosure - Items above were received free of charge for testing and reviewing purposes.  I did not receive any monetary compensation for my review and I only reccomend products I think would good for my readers.  As always opinions are 100% my own!

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