Weekly Wishes

This Week:

~Try out Hootsuite to hopefully simplify my social media sharing.
I have been using Hootsuite and it really helps!  I need to take some time now to get this week's posts set up on it but I will definitely keep using it.

~ Come up with an idea for my IBA blog post and my guest blog post for Atlanta Mom of Three.  So many posts to write!
I think I have my ideas for these posts, now to find the time to write them!

~ Finish that baby game!
Sadly I still do not have this done.  Hopefully this week?

~ Take family pictures this week!!!  Now what to wear?!  Wish us luck, we haven't done a family photo with Amelia yet, eek!
Done.  I can't wait to see the pictures, but I have plenty of editing to do myself.  I took pictures of my friend's family and she did the same for me.

This Week:

~ Get some reviews done!  Somehow four things for review decided to come at once so I need to start trying and writing.  I love trying and reviewing products though so it will be fun!

~ Start utilizing Pinterest for my blog.

~ Buy a domain and switch over.

~ Do a fun new activity with Amelia.  I haven't picked an activity yet but I am sure Pinterest is full of ideas ;).

~ Meet up with friends.  I would like to plan something this week which means I should probably start asking!

I think that is it for my list for this week.  Do you have any goals this week?

                                                    The Nectar Collective


  1. Good luck with your goals this week! Sounds like you have a fun week planned. :)

  2. I've been wondering about Hootsuite. I guess that would be one of my goals. :-)